Setup an Online Shop with RapidWeaver

There’s a daunting amount of options for setting up an online store, which is why we've recorded fifteen expert video tutorials dedicated to setting up any type of online store with RapidWeaver. This course is aimed exclusively at RapidWeaver users wanting to start selling online, and with every popular eCommerce solution covered you’ll learn how to setup the perfect online store for your business.

  • Secure Payments
    Secure your site so your customers can buy with confidence.
  • PayPal Buttons
    Accept payment via PayPal in less than 5 minutes.
  • Stripe Payments
    Integrate Stripe for easy, low cost credit card payments.
  • Digital Products
    Sell any type of digital product via GumRoad or Paddle.
  • Physical Products
    Create a full eCommerce site selling and shipping physical products.
  • Stock Management
    Manage your product stock from within RapidWeaver.
  • Coupons, Costs, & Shipping
    Learn how to setup coupon codes, discounts, and shipping costs.
  • Advanced Product Listings
    Create an amazing store your competitors will envy.

The RapidWeaver eCommerce course has 15 easy to follow videos that teach you how to setup an online store. This course was designed to allow anyone to start selling products online.

Start Selling Online With RapidWeaver

Learn how to setup everything from simple "Buy Now" buttons, to integrated shopping carts, to a full eCommerce store selling physical products. At the end of this course you'll have the knowledge and skills to build an advanced, modern store with RapidWeaver that'll have your competitors weeping with envy.

Start Selling Online Today

Start accepting payments in a matter of minutes with PayPal. Quickly add a secure shopping cart, with advanced features like discounts and shipping costs, to your RapidWeaver site. No hassle, no fuss, just PayPal payments made easy.

Buy Now
Digital Downloads

Digital Delivery Automated

Selling digital products can be tricky. Where do you host the content and how do you deliver it to your customers? This course explains exactly how to sell, manage, and deliver digital products directly on your RapidWeaver site.

Advanced eCommerce Made Simple

Need a more advanced solution? No problem, there's detailed videos covering how to setup a full eCommerce store in RapidWeaver. No matter the size of your business, you'll be selling online in a matter of hours.

eCommerce made easy
Secure Payments

Safe And Secure

Your customers need to know they can securely purchase from you, safe in the knowledge their personal details are being kept private. You'll learn how to easily enable SSL and HTTPS, giving you all the benefits of security without any of the pain.

Kick Start Your Project

Got a project that needs funding, or taking donations for a charity? We’ll build a fundraising page, where users can pledge money, which displays a live project status bar so visitors can see the project's progress updated in real-time.

Discounts & Shipping

Discounts, Promotions, Shipping

No store is complete without discounts, promotions, and shipping costs. You’ll learn how to easily add all of these to your store — we cover basic coupon codes, time-limited promotions, advanced shipping options and more!

Take Stock

If you're selling physical products, you'll need to keep track of your stock inventory. Once again, there's no need to worry as we walk you through ever step of the way. What could be nicer than managing your stock from within the comfort of RapidWeaver?

Modern, Mobile Store

Modern Site Included

We don't want you to build just an amazing store, we want you to build a complete website with RapidWeaver — beautifully designed, with modern features to delight. Learn to create unique page layouts using powerful third-party addons & services.

Build An Audience

Using Zapier we'll build an automated system that adds your customer's email addresses to a newsletter list — meaning you can send out future announcements and promotions, to all your customers, with ease!

Build an Audiance

More More More

The RapidWeaver eCommerce Course is about more than building an amazing online store, amongst other things you'll also learn about: automation with Zapier, MailChimp newsletters, live-updating pages, caching via CloudFlare, Safari's web developer tools, and advanced RapidWeaver features.

RapidWeaver eCommerce Lessons

The RapidWeaver eCommerce course has 15 expert videos that teach you how to setup an online store. Five hours of exclusive RapidWeaver eCommerce training dedicated to getting you selling online.

  • Secure Your Store 18 mins
  • PayPal Shopping Carts 22 mins
  • Selling Software With Paddle 7 mins
  • Selling eBooks With GumRoad 7 mins
  • Project Funding With Stripe 22 mins
  • Getting Started With RapidCart Pro 11 mins
  • Setting Up Payment Methods19 mins
  • RapidCart Pro Customisations 16 mins
  • Custom Product Pages 13 mins
  • Custom Category Pages 14 mins
  • Custom Store Page 24 mins
  • Site-wide Content 8 mins
  • Custom Home Page 30 mins
  • Discounts, Costs, Shipping. 18 mins
  • Product Promtions 12 mins

eCommerce Course

15 easy to follow videos that teach you how to setup an online store with RapidWeaver.


eCommerce Course + Extras

15 easy to follow videos that teach you how to setup an online store with RapidWeaver + PDF with tutor notes and project file.


About The Instructor

Ben Counsell is a developer at Realmac who has fifteen years of experience building for the web. He runs the RapidWeaver Community and co-hosts The RapidWeaver Show podcast. In this series Ben shares his unique insight in to RapidWeaver Web Development to help you build an amazing online store.

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